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Advertising with your Photo Booth.


When inviting people to your next event, you want to remind everyone who went last time what a fantastic time they had.  And for those who didn’t make it, you want to show them what a wonderful time they missed. A photo booth can be a fantastic tool for planning a teen event, corporate party, or just an event that retreats everyone year.   The booth can take pictures, but it also can create Gif and Slow-motion videos which are great for illustrating your fantastic event.


There is something to be said for physically receiving something in the mail.  Emails can go to your spam account, and people ignore text messages, but physical mail is there.  I love postcards!  They are small, compact, and do not require the person to open them.  In addition, they tend to hang around.  Mail is physical, and your guests do not misplace it in cyberspace.  So add one or two pictures from the photobooth of the last event, ad some information about your upcoming event, and you have a great invitation.


Online Gallery:   Everyone loves to see the pictures from the last event.  By using photo booth pictures and captured moments from your last dance, you can create an amazing Gallery.   Place the Gallery online and share the Gallery with all your potential guests.  Everyone wants to see other people having fun at the preview event.  Add a call-to-action picture as the last one, where guests can register online for your event.


Recap video.

The recap videos are a lot of fun and a great way to get your potential guests excited for your event.  It is a great way to show how much fun the last event was and how much fun they will have at the upcoming event.  The process is simple.  It includes taking all the pictures taken at the event and creating a slide show out of the images.  Then, they are compressed into a 60-second video.  You can add an extra overlay or animation to the video.  Finally, add a background track of music to create


GIFS and Photo Bursts:

GIFS are four pictures that were taken and then looped together. It’s a digital version of the old flipbooks.   The Burst photos are in the same format, but they take consistent pictures.  We usually set our booth to about 14 views.  The GIFS and the Burst Photos are great tools for posting on Social Medial.  They create hype and excitement for your dance.  Finally, you want to add a call to action in the social media post.  This way, you can direct them towards the location to purchase the ticket for your next event.

We would love to help you plan and advertise your next event.  A successful dance builds upon the previous event.  And by using the photos from your last event, we can help you build upon your success.


For more information on how we can help you hype and advertise your next dance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at



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