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Beyond Photos – The Social Booth

Moving beyond Photos.


Social Booth

Madi is walking around with the Photo Booth.

We love the Social Booth because it moves the guests beyond the traditional pictures. At the same time, it can still take pictures. It does have such cool supper features which will enhance your party and celebration. The social booth is Ipad based, which allows it to be much more mobile. Power is required for only the Led Lights and printer (If you use one) when your guests approach the social booth.
When you approach the mirror, you will encounter the customized animation. When we brought the Social Booth to Olivia’s graduation, we asked the mother for a copy of her senior portraits. The pictures were amazing. We took one of her in her red dress and created a customized animation from the image.
The guests had the option of the traditional picture. The booth took three photos and placed them in the conventional photo booth strip; then, they had the opportunity to text, email, QR Code, or airdrop them. But we love it that both can move beyond phots.

Customized GIF on the Social Booth

The booth creates a customized GIF. So the guests take four pictures. The picture is then placed in a continuous rotation. It is a significant effect. Sometimes you do need to plan a little and retake the photos. After one shot, these four girls were experts.

Slow-Motion Video on the Social Booth

There is also an excellent video option called slow-motion. The social booth will record a 4-second short video at average speed. Then it replays the footage at a slower pace and then actually reverses the play, so it appears the guests are now moving backward. It is a super fun effect, and the guests will love it.
Here is a video of the girls demonstrating the excellent effect.


Olivia’s Graduation Party from Jeremy STafford on Vimeo.


Customizing your Photo Booth

It is essential to talk about how we can customize the social booth for your guests. The features of the photos, the Gifs, and the slow-mo video can is available when the head has attached the base, or the social booth can take the photos/videos while a fun attendant brings the head around the room. With video, it helps to have it stationed and not carried around. That is why we recommend having both walked around the room during cocktail hour and then for the rest of the night having it secured to the base. This also allows us to add a backdrop, which will help you accent the photos and videos. If you have any questions or if you like to customize the Social Booth for your event, please contact us at

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