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Brand Awareness

Placing the Holland Logo on the Mirror Me Photo Booth

The Mirror Me Photo Booth is a lot of fun.  People love how interactive it is, the signature ability, and the awesome pictures.  But, it can also be a fantastic asset in supporting and promoting your brand awareness.  From the moment your guests approach the Mirror, the guest sees your logo. We can take your logo and create a customized animation.

One of our clients is the Wigwam.  For their 90’s Celebration, we created an animation that rotated from their 90’s celebration logo to their official logo.  The guests were greeted by the animation and invited to touch the Mirror to begin.

Wigwam Resort from Jeremy STafford on Vimeo.

The final product is significant, and the overlay or background is customized to your specification, which includes color, fonts, and design ideas.  When planning your event, think of a theme that you would want, or maybe it’s just your brand colors. We can customize the overlay for you.    When your guests print out their photos, they will notice your logo printed on the picture.   Regarding social media, we enable the guests to text the image to their cell phone, which allows them to post to social media immediately.

One of my favorite bonuses is the ability to follow up on the event.  In addition to texting your guests the photos, we can send a customized message to them after the fact.  Informing them of future development or asking them to join an award program where you can collect names and email.  For more information about branding the Mirror or the social booth, please contact us at


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