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The Perfect Single Shot!

I do not know about you, but I use to love the traditional photo booth shot.  Where you could take three different pictures, each time you would change the props or the poses.  Then after you sign the phots, you would see all three shots.  When it came to a single shot or portrait, I

Brand Awareness

The Mirror Me Photo Booth is a lot of fun.  People love how interactive it is, the signature ability, and the awesome pictures.  But, it can also be a fantastic asset in supporting and promoting your brand awareness.  From the moment your guests approach the Mirror, the guest sees your logo. We can take your

¿Hablas español? – The Bi-lingual Photo Booth.

Language is so important.  And with the growing amount of Quinceañera and Spanish wedding, the Mirror Booth now speaks Spanish, well the animations do.  When  your guest approach the booth they will be instructed to touch the screen in Spanish. Then after your pictures is take, you see another animation in Spanish such as one