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Choosing your Photo booth

Different Type of Booth:

When choosing your Photo Booth is is important to discover what type of booth that you want.  There are a lot of different options from a traditional photo booth that resides in a booth, to an open-air which does not have a booth.  There is now even booth that are Mirrors or ones that totally mobile.

The #Mirrorme Photo Booth:

There is always my favorite which is the #Mirrorme Photobooth. When your guests approach the mirror, they are greeted by a customized animation with the instructions to touch the mirror to start.  The booth instructs them to look at the camera and then it takes three pictures.  After each picture, it compliments them.  This is a favorite of our guests.  Then after the pictures are taken, the guests preview the picture and approve them.  Then they are giving the option to sign and add emoji’s to their pictures, which will appear in the corner.  Finally, the guests can print out their photos and they can also text them to their cell phone so they can post them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or their favorite social media platform.  Click on the video to see a demonstration. 


Social Booth

The social booth is another excellent photo booth. It is Ipad based!  When your guests approach the photo booth, they are given the option of a traditional photo, A customized GIF created from their photos, or a Slow-motional video.  The photos can be printed out by an optional printer, but it is a social booth for a reason.  The guests can send the files to your phone by texting, Email, Q.R. Code or if you have an iPhone it can Airdrop it.  this allows your guests to post their experiences on their favorite social media platform. 


Green Screen: 

Green screens are a lot of fun. They enable you to transport your guests to any location you want. It is a great way to match the theme of the event. We love to bring out extra green screen cloth.  It allows your guests to transform themselves by removing part of their booth.  One of our favorite tricks is to drape the green screen over someone’s body and leaving only the face exposed.  It created the effect that you have torn the face of the person and you are holding in your hand. 

Open Air Booth:

Open Air Booth is a great option for when you have a party with a lot of people.  We are able to create a 4×6 picture with multiple poses.  Or you can opt for the traditional photo booth strip.   The overlay/ background is always customized for your event. The overlay is the design into which we place your photos. When you let us know your theme, we do our best to match that overlay with your theme.    With amazing props, it is a lot of fun.  We would love to hear about your event and how we can serve you. 


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