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Congratulation to Olivia Class of 2021

Congratulations to Olivia, class of 2021, who just graduated from Horizon High School in Scottsdale. We were excited to bring out our Social Booth. It is an elegant photo booth that requires minimum space. We always love to match our booth with the environment. One of the outstanding traits of the New Social Booth has a controllable LED in the Podium. We were able to match our LED to the color pink.

Ipad Booth

We love to amaze the guests as they approach the social booth;

that is why we love customized animations. So when the guests come to the booth, they are greeted by a picture of Olivia’s senior portrait.
Their guests have four different options of photos and videos.
The first choice was a photo booth strip. The booth would take three pictures, place them in a customized strip and give them the option to text them or email them. Another option was the animation; the photo booth created an animation from a short 3-second video. One of the guest’s favorites was the GIF creator. It would take four pictures and loop them. Finally, we also added the ability to add a slow-motion video. The booth records a 3-second video at average speed and then replays it at a slow rate. Then it plays it forward and backward.

The challenge with photo booths is that they need to stay in one place.

Social Booth

Madi is walking around with the Photo Booth.







With the new Social Booth, we can be mobile. We can remove the photo booth head, connect it to batteries, and become a fully portable booth. The guests love it when you can visit them. We love this feature; it allows us to capture events or people who would not normally walk up to your booth. You can event take a photobooth picture of the kids in the swimming pool. There is no limitation.

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