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Customizing your event

Photobooths are a lot of fun, but I believe there needs to be more than just taking pictures. We strive to create a customized and fun experience, So when your guests leave our photobooth, they have to experience the wow factor.

We ask our clients if they have a theme, a favorite logo, or colors. We want the booth to be an addition to their celebration. Plus, the Mirror looks a lot cooler when it matches your decorations.

For the past three years, we have been serving the graduation class of St. John XXIII. We were excited to return this year. The St. John XXIII graduation party took place at the Windgate Ranch Center. It is a beautiful location, with enough space for the 8th graders to run around. I also love it because I am right next to the dance floor. So when the youth get tired of dancing, they walk over to the photo booth and take a picture.

The mothers did a fantastic job of decorating and making the place look amazing.

The Moms of St. John XXIII Class 2021


Dr. Suess inspired their theme, “Places you will go!” So we took that theme and created a welcome animation for them. So when the youth approached the Mirror, they were greeted by the animation. Both the Parents and the youth loved it.
The booth took three photos, and it complimented the after the picture. This year we added a digital scrapbook, where the youth could grab their photos from the Mirror and create a message to their fellow peers.

It was a great night, and we had a lot of fun. If you are interested in the Mirror Me Photobooth and have questions about how to customize your next event, please call/text ‪(602) 492-5283‬ or email me You can always check out our website at

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