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Customizing Your Photo Booth Experience

A great photobooth is more than just a machine that takes pictures.  It is the experience where you incorporate the theme of the party into the photobooth.  In addition to using the theme to create a fun picture, it can also include it in the process in which the booth takes the pictures.  One great option is a mirror booth; for example, it not only customize the pictures but the welcome screen itself.

The Welcome Screen.  When your guests approach the mirror, they are welcome by the photo booth which invites them to touch the screen to begin. In addition to the cool logo, the guest of honor name and date of the event are located on the bottom of the mirror.  For Judy’s Mystical Birthday, we added her name and the date of her party to the welcome screen.  Click here to view her animation.

Before the mirror takes the pictures, you can choose from a list of different animation.  The purpose of the animations is to encourage the guests to get ready to take the pictures.  These can include slides that tell the Guest to look at the camera or tell them it’s the last chance they have to be hot.

Countdown.  We have different animations which will countdown till the pictures are taken.  You can choose a movie style or balloons which give a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown.

The overlay.   The final product is the overlay.  Where the pictures are placed in a cool background. For Judy’s Mystical Birthday, she had a theme of Steam Punk, so we choose a Steam Punk Gears as a background.  The guests were invited to take three different poses and it was placed in the customized background.



The photo booth experience is about sharing your story.  It is important to make sure the booth reflects your dream and vision for your event.  In other words, what is the theme?  The amazing part of the Mirror Photo Booth is that it not only customizes the printouts but it also can welcome your guests.




Photobooth are now amazing.  We can customize the experience.  Beginning with your guest walking up to the booth and then with the customized animations, compliments and finally the printed picture.


Put your name or event on the Mirror.