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Customizing your photos or overlays

We love customizing your photo booth experience for you and your guests. And the picture or the overlay should say something about you and your event. The challenge is figuring where to start. Here a couple of questions to consider:

Landscape or Portrait:

The limitations of the camera list us. So we need to decide if we want Landscape phots or portrait photos. The Landscape will give you a broader picture that allows you to invite more people into the image. But Landscape allows more of the full body shot. So the question to ask is how big are most of the groups taking the photos. If you are at a homecoming or graduation party, where you know there will be many groups wanting to take a picture together, I will choose Landscape. But if there are a lot of couples or family members, I would select portraits. Portraits allow full-body shots and especially if there is a height difference.

How many shots?

There can be as many pictures as you want. But the more photos, the less space, and the images are reduced in size. Traditionally, we have three shots on a “4 x6”. If we are having a prom or father-daughter dance, they tend to be one-shot so that you can get through the list as soon as possible. It also depends on what your guest would want.

4×6 or Strip:

photo booth strips are a lot of fun. But it is essential to keep in mind there is less room for the printout. 4×6 also gives you more room to be creative.


Do you have a favorite picture background that you want? A favorite background creates a feeling that it is all your own that the photo is something you make.

Branding your Pictures:

When creating your pictures, it is essential not to forget the brand. One wedding couple had a logo designed for their wedding, and we used that logo on all the pictures. Branding your photographs can be as simple as someone’s name and date or a more elaborate logo.
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