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Entertainment for your wedding

The entertainment for the wedding begins as soon as your first guest walks through the door. The guests will arrive, and the DJ will be playing background music.  It is not until after a cocktail hour, and dinner will take the DJ hand the microphone over to the best man and maid of honor for speeches.  Then the DJ will announce the 1st Dance which will lead into the celebration.  So for the first two hours, you need a plan.  Here are a couple of great entertainment options to keep your guests engaged.


Old School games. Some of the Old games are the best.  One of my favorites is Corn Hole.  It is perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour; the classic sandbag game which is them customized for a husband vs. bride theme.

Love Note to the couple. The couple will love reading notes from all their guests.  All you need is a bowl, paper, and  Your guests will have an opportunity to write love notes to the Newly married bride and groom.  It is an opportunity to share one’s hopes and dreams for the couple.

A Photobooth. A great chance to allow the guest to have some, take some crazy pictures and have a great time. With a profession photobooth, your guests can get dressed up with funny props, take amazing pictures, and receive printouts of their picture.  The booth can even text their picture to them so that they can post it on social media such as Instagram and Ask the company about getting copies of the digital pictures.