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Expo: Quinceañera and Brides

Green Screen Photo Booth, based in Arizona, had the opportunity to participate in the Expo for Quinceanera and Brides. The Quinceanera magazine hosted it. The Expo took at the Glendale Civic Center on August 22nd. It was great to be in person and see so many different guests and vendors. The fashion shows were tremendous, and we appreciate everyone who visited our Booth.

We had a great location right by the entrance and stage. This year we brought out the Mirror Me Photo Booth and the Social Booth. We created matching welcome screens. Gabi Gonzalez helped up out at the Booth, and she sent us two excellent pictures of her serving as a model for the Quincerana Expo in previous years. We design the animation from scratch, so no two animations will look the same.

We took the photos and transformed them into a welcome animation, so when the guests approached the Mirror, the animation screen greets them. For the Expo, Gabi sent us two pictures of her in a Quinceanera dress. We created the animation from the two pictures, and we loved the outcome. Both the Mirror me Photo Booth and the Social Booth had the same animation.

The Mirror Me Booth is a lot of fun. We customized the photobooth, so your guests are greeted by your customized animation. Traditionally, it takes three pictures and prints them on a 4×6 print. But we can do photo booth strips or a single image on 4×6. The Booth enables people to sign their photos, and it places the digital signature on the pictures.

The social Booth, which is the new photobooth we added to our line. We had a lot of fun when we took the head of the Booth off and were able to walk around and take pictures. In addition to the traditional views, your guests can record create a boomerang, an Animated Gif, which takes four photos and converts them into an animated Gif. In addition, it also can develop a Slomo video or traditional Video. The Social Booth can have a sharing Station, where the guests can share their photos on social media, text them to their cell or email me. We are also able to add a printer so you can print out your favorite moments. All events include an online Gallery, which after the event, the client can access and share with their guests.

The Expo was a unique and fun event. After the event was over, we took the pictures and created a 30-second slide show. Quick recap videos are a great way to show your guests after the event your an amazing experience. We take all the pictures and then condense them into a short video. You can upload that video to your favorite social media platform.

Green Screen PhotoBooth AZ favorite’s platform is Instagram Gram Reels and Stories. The raw photo fits perfectly in the Instagram Reel format. We love the ability to add music to the Reels and not have to worry about copyright issues. Please check us on Instagram (@greenscreenaz2)

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