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Getting the Most out of your Mirror Me Photo Booth.

Lighting is Key

The Mirror Me Booth is a lot of fun, and it has the fantastic ability to be customized.  The challenge is to set up the event for success.  Because of the Technology, it is essential to have the Mirror inside.  If it is not possible to have the booth inside, ensure your event takes place at least half an hour after sunset. The operator needs time to set up the Mirror and see the screen until the sun starts to go down.  Here is a link to the Sunday set times.

Customizing the Mirror:


The power in the Mirror Me Booth is its ability to be customized.  Too many times, the Mirror is not customized. You want the booth to reflect your event and its theme.  The first thing the guests see is the welcome screen.  We always customize the welcome screen.  One of my favorite events was the Saint John XXIII 8th Grade Graduation Dance.  Their theme came from the book  by  Dr. Seuss book, “The Places You’ll Go!” We took the theme and created a customized animation for the event.  It was a great hit!

Bring out the Red Carpet.

We love to add the Red Carpet for the Mirror ME Booth.  It is a special event, and it allows to demonstrate the importance of the Mirror.  In addition, adding the Sanctions with the red rope will enable us to stage the area.  We place the sanctions on the border of the photos, so when your guests approach the Mirror, they know the boundaries of where they can stand.


The Backdrop:

Backdrops should be required.  They should match your picture; Gold with sparkling champagne is a fun standard,  and so is the Silver Backdrop.  We usually use the Pillow Backdrop, which is an 8 x 8 setup, so you need to ensure enough clearance.  Sometimes, lower ceilings do not have enough clearance, so always make sure you have enough space before you book your Mirror.  Another great benefit of the backdrops is it ensures that your guests do not accidentally photobomb the pictures of another guest.  In addition, to the traditional sets, we can also add a GreenScreen to the Mirror.  It allows the Mirror to remove the background and place it in your favorite location.   One guest loved the picture of Paris and had their guests transported to France.

GIF and Texting

A great tool of the Mirror is the ability to take the three pictures and create them into a Gif. The Mirror takes the three or four images stored in the computer and places them together in a continuous loop.  It kind of feels like the old flipbooks.  In addition, to printing out your picture, the Mirror can text the photo directly to your guest’s cell phone.  We can set it up so your guests can text the image to multiple phones.  In addition., we always supply the host with a link to digital copies of all the pictures.


If you have any questions about the Mirror Me Booth or how to customize it, please email us at

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