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Graduation Parties:  Its time to celebrate!

Graduation Parties: It’s time to celebrate!


Graduation is a fantastic time.  Where you as a family get to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of your child, grandchild, nephew, or friend.  It is time to look back on the event and remember all the challenges, the triumphs, and the successes.

A great way to entertain your guests and capture the moment is through a photo booth.  Our Mirror Me Photo Booth is impressive because not only the Overlay can be customized, so can the animation.  So when your guests approach the mirror, they are greeted by their customized animation.


For your celebration of Graduation, we can customize your Overlay. (The Overlay is the background in which we print the pictures.)  It is a fun way to personalize.  Recently I love the color Gold.  The way it pops out on the black background.  My favorite formate is three posses or pictures.  We set the camera up vertically so both the tall and vertically challenged can easily fit into the picture.  The text style is done in a Gold foil. If the Graduation is for a school class, we can add the school logo with a graduation cap on it.  We would love to help you out and customize the event just for you.


Your guests will be able to customize the pictures by signing them and adding Emoji.   They will love their images, all guests receive a copy of their photo, and they text the pictures to their phone so that they can post them on Instagram, Snap Chat, or their favorite social Media Platform.



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