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Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen- What is it?

Green Screen, also called Chromakey, the computer digitally removes the green background and then replaces it with a new digital background. There are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Preparing the Green Screen

The Green Screen needs to be clean and wrinkle-free. While there are many different options, my favorite background is the Pillow Background. It is a backdrop that slides over the stand and stretches. The result is that the stretching removes the wrinkles in the fabric. Most Backdrops are 8×8 or 7.6′ by 8′, which gives you enough space for all your guests.  

Lighting the Background:

 The idea of lighting the background allows your computer to distinguish between the subjects and the backdrop. I recommend flood lights and having the subject move a foot in front of the backdrop. I usually put gaffer tape to inform the guests where to stand. 

Adding Live-feed is another excellent option. It allows your guests to see themselves on the Screen with their background before the camera takes the image. In addition, the live feed lets your guests see what the camera sees to ensure everyone is in the picture. Regarding Live Feed, your live feed camera setting needs to be different than your photo Shot. You are not so worried about creating the perfect image but enabling your guests to see themselves on the Screen. The camera should have a different setting for the live feed than when the camera takes a picture. Live feed, in essence, is a video, so adding extra lighting to the shot is recommended.

Regarding the TV/Monitor, Bigger is better. You want to ensure your guests can see everyone and look their best in their photos.

Taking the photo:  

The reason for the photo booth is to take the picture. Set the camera correctly. The camera settings blend ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed. In addition, you need to add a flash to the experience. I found a flash instead of a flood light is best. The ISO allows the amount of light into the camera. The higher the setting more light, but the trade-off is that the higher ISO also adds more noise to your photo. So I recommend 400, but you can go as high as 800. The camera’s shutter speed is 1/250. And the Aperture is set to f 8.1. It is essential to remember always to test your booth before the guests arrive. When it comes to the issue of manual/ automatic, I recommend setting your green screen setting to manual. After you take a test picture, you use the color picker to choose the color to chroma key out the background. In addition, you need to adjust how much the computer removes from the picture, and most programs have a smoothing option.  

Green Screen Effect:

I love the headless effect with the Green Screen. Using the extra fabric, your guest can remove a head from their body.   

Green Screens are a lot of fun and have many different options, but having a good camera, lighting, and a wrinkle-free backdrop is essential. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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