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Horizon High School Spiritline.

We were excited to serve the Horizon Spiritline; we brought out the Mirror Me Photo Booth for three years. The Horizon Spriitline includes both the Cheerleaders and the Pom Team. It was great to see them in person again. The celebration took place at their favorite location, “The Original Aunt Chilada’s, ” in Phoenix, AZ. It is a great location, and we love the outdoors.



Our goal is always to create something fun and customized. So when the girls approached the Mirror, they are greeted by a personalized animation. We love the gold theme, so we added Gold Sparkles with Gold Balloons. Click on the video to check it out.


The backdrop does give the pictures an extra pop.

So we added the gold champagne background and then customized their animation.  It is one of our guest’s favorites. In addition, backdrops improve the picture experience.

The Mirror took three different images and then placed them on an elegant background. Finally, we branded the pictures with a Gold Font of the Horizon High School Spiritline banquet. After the Mirror took the photos, the girls can sign their pictures and add emojis. The Mirror printed out their views and then were able to text the image to their cell phones.

We loved how the pictures turned out.

And yes, they brought Pitbull to the party.

Gif Creator 🙂

A great addition to your Mirror Me  Photobooth Experience.



The gif Creator works with the Mirror Me Photobooth.  When the Mirror Me Photo Booth takes the three pictures, it then takes the pictures and combines them into a Gif.  The Gif can then be texted to any cell phone.  In addition, after the event, we will send the host a link with all the pictures.  It is a great and fun feature.  So ask about the Gif Creator for your next event.


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