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Matthews: Holiday Party

The Mathews celebrated their Holiday Party at the Phoenician Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. The theme was the Roaring Twenties. The Phoenician was an exquisite setup.  It matched the theme of the event. They had eight different casino tables, from blackjack to craps.  It was amazing how everyone dressed up.  The environment was exceptional.

They hired us to bring out the IPad/Social Booth.  The Photobooth needs to match your theme, and we accomplish this by completing two tasks. We do this first through the welcome screen on the Ipad/social Booth.  We take your logo or theme and have it placed on the Booth.  We took Matthew’s logo/theme, “Roaring Twenties,”  and put it on the Ipad.  The second way we match the theme is by the LED lights in the Totem of the Booth.  Gold was the dominant color.  Therefore, we programmed the totem light in the Photobooth to Gold. Regarding the Photobooth, they wanted a Black and Gold Photo Booth Strip with their logo. We set the strip up to have three images placed in the template.


I loved the setup for the Photobooth, with the guests dressing up and the authentic Roaring Twenties Setup; it felt that you were transported back in time to the 1920s.  Matthews had organized the setup, and they had supplied a beautiful white coach, which gave it an authentic 1920s feel.  In addition, they had a side table with a 1920 phone. Of all the props, the phone was their favorite.  A lot of pictures had the guests posing on the couch with the phone.  They also loved the oversize cigar.   To ensure the coach was in the picture, we stationed everyone sitting.   They even have had a 1920 phonograph.  We brought out our Gold Backdrop, which we hung behind the couch.

We brought out the fun props, Which included both 1920 signs, hats, a big cigar.  It was a lot of fun, and the guests went into the moment


The Roaring Twenties Logo greeted the theme when the guests approached the Photobooth.  They had three different options.  The first option was a traditional photo booth strip which took three pictures and then put them in the strip.  Another choice is the GIF. Four pictures are taken and looped together.  We place the logo under the GIF, and the guests can text their creation to their cell phone. The final option was a photo burst.  The Booth takes 14 pictures continuously.   As soon as the camera begins, it takes the pictures one after another.  The result is some extraordinary motions.  It feels like an old flipbook, but instead of paper, it is digital.  The guests were able to print out the traditional photo booth strips.  Then for the Gif and the Burst Photos, they could text it to their phone.  Once they received the link on their phone, they could download the pictures.  From there, they were encouraged to post the images on their favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat.


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