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Mirror Me Booth and The Green Screen

The Mirror Me Booth and the Green Screen is the perfect couple for an amazing fun time at your next event. Your guests will walk up the Mirror Me Booth, and the backdrop will be a green screen. The Mirror has a green screen filter which removes the color green. The mirror transports your guests to any location or time they desire. Whether that is a boxing match where you fight your friend or a nice romantic beach in Hawaii.

When your guests approach the mirror, the mirror greats them with a customize animation which encourages them to touch the screen to begin. The mirror will then take their picture. The green screen filer is applied to the picture and removed the background. The guests choose their background by swiping and choosing the background they love. This a great opportunity to be creative. To match the backgrounds with the theme. Your guests can choose from a background from different location or event different times. My personal favorite is a medieval Knight background. If you having a prom you can have a romantic Hawaii beach. The choices are only limited by your imagination.

Why stop with just a fun background. You can also use the green screen cloth to make things disappear, such as placing fabric over someone’s hand, and it then disappears when the mirror filters out the green. They are some incredible options when it comes to green screen and your guests can lose their heads.

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