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Mirror Me Photo Booth for the Spiritline Team

We had a great time celebrating with the Horizon High School Spiritline team, which includes both their Pom and Cheerleader team. The annual celebration took place at Aunt Chilada’s in Phoenix Az. It was a great place and a perfect location. We were excited to return to the Spiritline Banquest for the second year in a row! Our goal is to create an original, fun, and customized experience. When the guests first approached the Mirror, the Mirror greeted them with a customized animation.

Our goal is the customize the entire experience, so this year we created a customized overlay. We followed the example of the welcome animation and used the overlay of Gold and black. ( The overlay is the photo’s background). The Mirror took the three pictures, and it included a random animation that complimented the Mirror took a picture. The Mirror was a great hit. Also, the girls were able to sign the pictures and to text them to their phones.

We loved how the pictures turned out!


One of the newest team members is Madi. She does a fantastic job of engaging the guests and encouraging everyone to get in the pictures. She is the host of the photo booth, where she entertains the guests and ensures everyone has a great time. And she will even join you in the pictures if you ask her.




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