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Mirror Me Photo Booth Video

The Mirror Me Photo Booth is a mirror that will take your pictures, tell you how beautiful you, and print out your image for you. Madi & Olivia agreed to help demonstrate the mirror.

Click on the video to check it out.

The video begins with Madi approaching the mirror, and touching it begins the process. The Mirror takes three shot. The girls are very photogenic.

Before each picture, the mirror has a countdown. Then after the photo, the mirror complements the guests on how great they look. They then had a chance to preview the picture and to sign and stamp the image. The girls can choose the color of the text, and they also add Emoji to their signature. Olivia’s favorite was the cowboy, and Madi is the poop emoji. The signature is one of the girls favorite features about the mirror, and they had a lot of fun.

Then after signing and stamping the photos, they were asked how many pictures they wanted to print, and they received their picture. Also, there were able to text to their cell phone. From there, they can save the picture which enables them to post it to their favorite social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook)

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