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Green Screens are a lot of fun for corporate events

Green Screens are a lot of fun for corporate events. It allows us to match your theme to the background that your guests want to choose. Also, it includes printouts of the pictures for your clients, and we can text them to photos too. We had a lot of fun serving at the Progressive Residential company award ceremony. The party took place in Degree 270 at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The theme was space, and they named the event “Infinite possibilities” We created a customized animation that included.

Progressive Residential Animation from Jeremy Stafford on Vimeo.

The guests had a great time with the lightsabers and Kylo Ren mask. Also, we had Stormtroopers who made an appearance, and they joined in the photo fun.

One of our favorite effects is the headless person. While it is a simple effect, it is a great one. We brought out the extra green screen cloth. It involves one guest wrapping the green sheet around herself, so only her head is showing while the other guest puts her had underneath. Since it is a green screen, everything disappears that is covered with green, and the effect is a head without a body that appears to be in the hands of another person. Green Screen is a lot of fun, and there are some cool creative effects you can do.

Here is the Raw Picture.

The Final Picture.

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