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Photo Booth for your Wedding

There are so many different things to consider when planning your wedding.  When it comes to photo booths, it’s essential to do more than just booths.  The booth should reflect you as a couple.  So the challenge is how do you ensure the booth demonstrates you.

Customized Your Booth Experience.

Elizbeth and Ryan hired me to bring out the Mirror Me Photo Booth for their wedding.  Ryan was a graphic artist and had designed a logo for their wedding.  Elizabeth asked me to take their logo and place it on the printouts.  In Addition to placing the logo on her printouts, we took the logo and created an animation.  The animation had the logo on a gold background, and it rotated. In Addition, we added their names and the date.  Then when people took the picture, we had a gold pillow backdrop.  Both the animation and the images turned out amazing.

A personalized experience begins with the animation.  We can create your animation from a theme, a photo, or an event logo.  The goal is to have the photo booth to make a statement about you as a couple.  The first thing they see at the photobooth should make a statement about you as a couple.


Design your photo:

The final product of the printout should reflect you as a couple.  There you want your welcome animation to connect to the final printout.  With the example of Elizabeth and Ryan’s wedding, we took the logo we animated and then placed it on the printouts.  So when thinking about the final printouts, how are you branding the pictures.  When your guests look at your picture, does it remind them of your special event?  When creating your final shot, make sure you have a photobooth company willing to design the photo.  The two most popular sizes for the images are a photo Booth Strip and a 4×6.  Photobooth strips are a lot of fun, but it has limited space.  4×6 are slightly more prominent, and you can either do one-shot or multiple shots.  The choice is yours.  Popular options are three pictures, with the first picture placed in the center and then the other two images placed at a slight angle.  It is also important to remember to have a backdrop.  Match your backdrop with your photos.  A popular backdrop is Gold with Champagne bubbles on it.

Celebrating the New Couple.

Your guests are there to celebrate you!   They are so excited that you both found each other, and your guests want to encourage and support you.  One way for your guests to support you as a couple is to have a scrapbook for your guests to sign.  The photo booth can print out an extra copy of the pictures.  Your guests will receive one photo from taking home and another to put in the scrapbook and write a message.  Scrapbooks are a great keepsake for the event.


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