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Photo Booth – We bring the Party!


Photos booths are a lot of fun! They entertain your guests, allow them to capture the moment, and take home a keepsake for your party. You can also add a scrapbook, an old-school style with colored pencils, a book, and photocopies. Or you can choose a digital scrap booth, which allows you to print it out later.

Keeping your Guests Engaged!
The photobooth is a great way to keep your guests engaged, especially at a wedding during the cocktail hour and dinner when the DJ has not kicked off the party yet. A fun and interactive photo booth is a great way to ensure the guests are engaged. Most guests will want to take a picture and have it printed out. But for your high-energy guests, they will return to the booth. It is a fun activity for families to do it together.  We had a wedding a little while ago, where each dinner was cooked individually; needless to say, it took a while for dinner.  In addition to the year games, we had many young families come back to the booth to take multiple pictures.  We loved the returned guests, and they got to take a variety of pictures.   They had a blast.

Choose an Interactive Photo Booth.

Mirror Me Photo Booth

There are many different options when it comes to a photo booth. There are now full-size mirrors, social booths, green screens. In addition to the traditional photo booths, it that is contained in a cubicle. I love the Mirror Me photo booth. It is a full-size mirror where your guests approach the mirror. Your customized animation greets your guests, and then they touch the mirror to begin. The mirror takes the pictures, and then your guests can sign the photos, change the font color and even add Emojis to the image.

Social Booth

Social Booth

Madi is walking around with the Photo Booth.

Similar to the Mirror Me Booth, the Social Booth has a customized animation that greats your guests.  They have a choice between taking a traditional picture, generating your GIF from your photo, and even record a Slow-motion video.  One of our favorite features of the booth is its mobility.  The attendance can detach the head from the booth and walk around the room taking pictures of your guests.  The booth comes to you!  This is a great option when your guests have a reception in one room and the cocktail in another location, such as outside.

The Green Screen Photo Booth.

We also offer a portrait-style Green Screen Photobooth with onsite printing.  We can create a customized background for your event, transport your guests to that location, and brand the photos for your event.  The guests love the customized background.  We can also create a magazine cover style for your photos.


Backdrops are great!  They give your pictures an extra pop.  In addition, they also allow you to avoid accidental photobombers.  It is important to match the backdrop with the style of photos that you want.  We have different backdrops to choose from and in another blog, we will be focusing upon how to create the perfect overlay.  The overlay is the background in which the images are placed before they are printed out or saved in the cloud.

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