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Photobooth Props

Photobooth Props:

Photobooth props are important.  They help improves the experience of your guests for their experience.  They are different kinds.

Hats are always popular.



A traditional hat, a crown or even an Emoji sh*t.  We also have a Viking and a hammer for fun!  Your guests will love adding a fun hat as an accessory.

Here is your sign.



We have also loved our signs.  It is a fun to accent your photo booth experience.

I love signs they are a great way to add some fun.

Glasses:  Nothing cooler.


Need to inform everyone that you are cool or you are money?  Just put the glasses on so everyone knows.  They are great props, that both the young and young at heart love.

Sign or prop on a Stick

Add a mustache for some fun or grab a sign that is on a stick to make a comment about your self or one of your friends.  This is another guest favorite.


If you have questions about Photo Booth props, please do not hesitate to contact us at