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Rachel’s Sweet Quince Mitzvah

Rachel’s Sweet Quince Mitzvah was a challenge, but I always love a challenge.  The event was the celebration of both the Quince and Mitzvah, and we wanted to help create an elegant event for her.  The festival took place in the beautiful location of the Superstition Manor in East Mesa.  The scenery was terrific, and it was a beautiful day to celebrate.

The family decided they wanted the Mirror Me Photo Booth for Rachel’s event. They explained that they wanted pictures of both Jerusalem and Paris.  They sent me the invitations, and I could see their wisdom.  We were able to create beautiful and elegant animation.  The animation is the first thing the guests experience when they encounter the Mirror.  We were delighted with the results.

Traditional Back Drop VS Green Screen:

Both a traditional Backdrop and a Green screen have a lot of benefits and challenges.  The conventional backdrop is exquisite.  The challenge is that the entire picture is transplanted on the back overlay and covers a large area of the backdrop picture.  The process is much simpler, but it does require more physical space on the printout.  Therefore if you are in love with background, this might not be the best option for you.  The Greenscreen takes the picture, and then the computer digitally removes all of the green backdrops.  The challenge can be if a guest did wear the color green.  Depending on the computer, there might be some spill into the picture.

I have also found that green screenshots work best on a single pose.  So when choosing a green screen, I recommend the format of 4 x 6.


The Challenge:

The challenge with the traditional backdrops was the family wanted a beautiful background, which was not possible with the classic backdrop.  Therefore, we moved from a formal environment to the Green Screen.  The Mirror Me Booth does a fantastic job removing the green screen backdrop.  We were then able to place the guests in the beautiful scenery.


I love the effect of the Mirror Me Booth, and when you add the green screen, it’s a significant effect.  When the guests approached the Mirror, they had a props table to choose from.  Then they stand on the Red Carpet, and we use the Sanctions to space them, so they know they are the Camera’s view.  The fantastic animation greets them for Rache’s Sweet Quince Mitzvah.  Then the led illuminates the Camera, so they know where to look for the picture, and then the Mirror captures the moment.  The guests approached the Mirror, and by swiping, they could choose the beautiful landscape of Jerusalem, Paris, or Ecuador. We love letting the guest select their scenery.    After they approved the picture and picked the perfect background, The Mirror invites them to sign their photos.  They also have the option to add emojis to their images.   It is a lot of fun.  In addition, they can text their photo to their cell phone to upload the picture to their favorite social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook.


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