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Rent a Photo Booth for Your New Year’s Eve Party

A lot of times New Year’s Eve parties are the biggest party of the year. While you can get tickets to an event, most people tend to want to have people over to their homes. When you have a New Year’s Eve house party there is an expectation it will be more than your average get-together. Your guests expect you to make it really special and a photo booth from Green Screen Photo Booth AZ is the perfect way to do this.

Not only do our photo booths add an entertaining aspect to your party, but they also capture memories for you and your guests with tons of great pictures. Typically pictures start off really buttoned up and then get sillier throughout the night. The photos that were taken also make great keepsakes if you want to frame them for each attendee or send out everyone’s photos together in an email form, so all of the guests can get a good laugh looking through everyone’s photos a few days later.

Kids and Teenagers

It can be tough to plan a New Year’s Eve party for your kids. Especially when they are teenagers and seem to be disenchanted with most ideas. However, photo booths are loved by everyone, young and old. The younger generations are typically social media-obsessed and love to share ‘selfies’ and pictures of themselves with friends having fun. This will absolutely provide the kids with entertainment and keep them from getting into trouble.


When you set up a photo booth in your home, you don’t always want a standard setup. Deciding on a background and props that go with the theme of your party is crucial. Traditionally for New Year, we love to do a black background with the year on it. However, sometimes our clients want something totally different depending on their color scheme and ideas.


When planning your New Year’s Eve party, it’s crucial to make sure that you plan enough fun and excitement for everyone there, and you also want to ensure that you are getting pictures of all the guests having fun, both for your photo albums and theirs. A photo booth from Green Screen Photo Booth AZ is going to be the icing on your party cake. Let our professional staff handle everything from setting up the booth, to encouraging guests to get their pictures taken and make silly and fun memories.

New Year’s Eve is a fun time to let loose, have some drinks, and have a great time enjoying your party. If you are in the Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, or Chandler areas let our local photo booth company help you enjoy your party. Contact Green Screen Photo Booth AZ to get a free quote and see what ideas we have for your event.


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