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Santa at Castles & Coasters

December is a fun time of family gatherings, parties, and pictures with Santa.  We had a fantastic opportunity to help spread a little bit of Christmas Cheer with our Photo Booth this month.  We received a call from COPMEA, the City of Phoenix Municipal Employees Association.  They were partnering with Castles & Coasters to offer the families an opportunity to get their picture taken with Santa.  They informed me that they needed a four-hour photoshoot, where we would accept their photographs and then print them out.   I loved the environment.  In addition to the remarkable Santa Sleigh, it had trees, gifts, and overall it was a great setup.

We stationed the setup, so the camera and flash were to the side of Santa.  We set the PhotoBooth Camera to a live feed so the kids could see what they looked like in the camera. We wanted to keep it fun and straightforward.  So we created a simple Christmas border that printed out around the taken photo. Placed the Title “Happy Holiday’s 2021” With a lovely Christmas and Holiday Cheer feel.  The camera took just one picture.  Sometimes simplicity is just the best way.

The families would arrive and check in.  Then they would position themselves with Santa.  The Parents would tell the little kids to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.  When the guests were ready, we would begin the five-second countdown. After the countdown and the camera would take the picture.  The guests could then view the photo on the large TV.  After they approved it, the computer would immediately send the image to the printer, and then in about 20 seconds, the photo would print out.  Santa had brought his special elf with him, and she was great at getting everyone in position; after they had their picture taken, she would make sure everyone received their picture.   After the family received their vision, they would also get a small gift bag from COPMEA.  It was an excellent experience for everyone.  It was fun to see the family gathering together for the Santa Pictures.  Some kids asked if they could have their picture with Santa in addition to the family picture.  Were more than happy to oblige them.  It was a great experience.

It was a joy to see Santa Work.  He did a great job working with the families, ensuring everyone was in the photo.  The line began at 9 am, and it was constant till 1:00 pm when we ended.

COPMEA is a great organization.  It started in 1975 with a group of city employees.  They formed a non-profit to promote the best interests of city employees, retirees, and its associates. According to their website, “COPMEA offers numerous discounts and uplifting and reasonably priced social, cultural and educational activities that enhance the morale of the City organization. COPMEA member suggestions are the primary source of ideas for these activities. ” (

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