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Scrapbook with your Mirror

Scrapbook for your Special Event


Scrapbooks are a great way to create a lasting memory for your perfect event. Capture the moment is an excellent keepsake, whether it is a wedding, a Quinceanera, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or a going-away party. It allows your friends the opportunity to share their hopes and dreams for you, to wish you the best.

Tips for your Scrapbook:
Communicate with your PhotoBooth. Most photo booth companies have unlimited printing, so as long as the photobooth knows ahead of time that every guest will need an extra print to go in the photo booth, you should be fine. Some photo booths offer scrapbooks as an add-on, including an additional attendant to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Scrapbook Station
Create a scrapbook station that has some distance from your photo booth but close enough, so they do not have to travel too far. Putting a sign on the scrapbook table or a nice large banner to inform people to come and sign the book is beneficial. If you expect many people, you do not want to huddle around the photo booth waiting to write something in your book. Make sure it’s a nice setup, with colored pencils, a scrapbook, and a notepad to write out several messages. If you are expecting young kids, consider having a couple of suggested starters for them.

4×6 Printouts vs. Photobooth Strips.
I love the 4×6 photos for the Scrapbook. It allows the pictures to be larger and easier to see. You can have a single portrait, or you can have multiple poses placed upon the printout. (The Mirror booth does have the ability to take a single picture, print it out, and then you take another 4×6 with multiple images or even print out the traditional photo booth strip.)

The cover picture.
The Scrapbook is the placement for a front picture. I recommend having the guest of honor taking their picture. Have it printed out and then placed in the photobooth. The guests will love to see your photo on the cover of the Scrapbook. If you are unsure about timing, have a professional picture taken a week before the event, then have the photograph printed out and placed in the Scrapbook.

We offer a White or Black Scrapbook. It has a place for a 4×6 photo on the cover and locations for your guests to place their pictures and write an inspirational message.
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