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Single Pose Picture

Single Pose Pictures. 


I love the single pose pictures, especially for larger events, where you work with 150 to 300 people. It can also be necessary to have a single pose when talking about an event where everyone must leave with a picture, such as a Father-Daughter Dance. No husband wants to come home and tell their wife they have a daughter’s picture in their pretty dress. Here are a couple of reasons to choose the Single Pose Picture.

Speed: Getting everyone through the line. 

The Fall beings Homecoming season, and with that comes Homecoming Dances. The challenges with school dances are the need to create amazing photos in less time than possible. It is common to have a line of 50 to 100 people waiting for their pictures. With that said, I have become a lover of the single pose. It allows guests to take their pictures, print them out, and be on their way. The only challenge is the printer speed. When you are expecting a large group, consider asking your photobooth company about the option of a 2nd printer. Or you may even think about adding a 2nd photo booth. 

More Elegant BackGround

The Single pose printed on a 4×6 allows you to create a more elegant background. One of my favorites for the prom is the Red Carpet. It is a simple background, which helps to see the complete guest. They are now condensed to attempt to place the other two pictures in the event. And when you are talking about a formal event such as the Homecoming Dance, or Prom, it is more in line with a standard picture. 

Green Screen Photo Booth

A Green Screen is a significant effect to use on the Single Pose. This allows you to place your guests on any background you choose. It is a considerable effect that enables you to match your photos with your theme. We can set you in Paris or on a red carpet. Anywhere your imagination leads, we can place those photos there. We can even customize your photo layout for you. The Sky is the limit. 




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