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Spiritline from Horizon High School at their annual awards banquet

We were very excited to support the serve the Spiritline from Horizon High School at their annual awards banquet.  It was great to see the families support the girls who have worked so hard throughout the year.   The Horizon High School Spiritline had the award banquet at Aunt Chilades Squaw Peak.  The girls loved the mirror and we were able to customize it for their event.  When the girls approached the Mirror they were greeted by the logo which told them to touch the mirror to begin with their school logo

One of the new features of the Mirror is the ability to display a live feed.  This enable the girls to ensure that they are in the picture that is about to be taken.  The Mirror then took three pictures and then complimented on how beautiful they looked.  After the pictures, they girls were surprised to be instructed to sign their picture and to stamp it with Emoji.  Finally, their pictures were printed and place in a black folder for keep sake.  In addition, they were given the option to text their picture to their phone so they could share it with their friends via social media, Instagram and Snapchat.

We create a slide show of most of the pictures that were taken.