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The Health Plan One Insurance Expo

The Mirror Me Booth is a tremendous asset to Expos!  We can customize the experience for the client and ensure everyone has a great time.  We had the pleasure of serving at the Health Plan One Insurance expo.  It was a joy to help everyone.  The Mirror is a fantastic photo booth because we can greet your guests with a customized animation, and they receive their photos with your company logo. At this event, it included the sponsors’ logo too.

The Health Plan One Insurance Expo 2021 took place at the Clayton House in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.  The Clayton house was originally an abandoned postal storage warehouse; the family-owned business did a great job converting it to a beautiful venue. The Clayton House is an excellent location for any corporate events, and It was perfect for the Health Plan One Insurance Expo.

The theme for the Conference was “Cleared To Take Off” The company Humana sponsored the booth.  So, we wanted to create a fun and creative, customized experience.  Humana and Health Plan One hired us to bring out the Mirror.  One of the favorite tools of the Mirror is the ability to customize the experience.

The guests approached the Mirror Me Booth.  They walked on the red carpet, and the Mirror Me Booth e greeted the guests with a customized animation.  The theme for expo Ready To Take Off.” The personalized animation includes a plane taking off with the theme “Cleared To Take Off.” In addition, the animation is branded by  Both the Health Plan One and the Humana logo.  The Camera LED illuminated the Camera, so the guests knew where to look, and it took a picture.  The Mirror immediately compliment them.  We always have about four to five random animations, so the experience is personalized for the Guests.   With Expos, people love having their picture taken, but sometimes not too many times. Therefore, we had the Mirror take only one image.  Finally, the Mirror invited them to sign their photos by inscribing their name on the Mirror.  If they made a mistake, they just hit the undo button.  In addition, they could change the font color and even add Emojis.   The signature appeared on the lower left side of the pictures.   We then printed out pictures for everyone in the photo and invited the guests to text the image to their cell phones to post their pictures on their favorite social media sites.  We loved how the animation and the final product were consistent. We printed copies for all the guests, and the client received all the digital copies of the event.

It was a pleasure to work with Both Health Plan One and Humana.   They put on a great conference, and it was a pleasure to make sure their guests received a photo to remember the event by.

If you have any questions about the Mirror Me Photo Booth, about how we brand the events or customized animation, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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