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Mirror Me Photobooth The Mirror Booth is unlike a lot of other photo booths

The Mirror Booth is unlike a lot of other photo booths. The power in the Mirror me Photo Booth is its ability to customize your guest’s experience. It is common for most photobooths to create fun overlays and tag them with your information, the date, the name of the event a logo. The power in the Mirror Me Photobooth is the presentation. So, when your guests approach the mirror, they are greeted with the name, date, and logo of your event. Your guests will be instructed to touch the mirror, and your event information is located upon the animation.

I also want to improve the experience for my client and their guests. So when it was time for the Great Bridal Expo, I had a customized animation created with a picture from the bridal and groom. It was a fantastic animation and a great way to the brides as they approached the Mirror.

So when your guests approach your photobooth do you want a generic animation or do you want that greeted with your personalized picture and information on the Mirror Booth.

One of my other favorites was the Catholic School Saint John XXIII in Scottsdale Az. For their Father/ Daughter dance we used the roses from a Beauty and the Beast theme. And the guests were instructed to touch a rose to begin the process of taking their photo.

Saint John XXIII – Animation from Jeremy STafford on Vimeo.