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The Original Photo Booth

The Mirror Me Booth is an original, fun, and personalized experience for you and your guests. We accomplish this by asking the right questions to create an experience that your guests will love. When you are starting to think about your photo booth, consider the following:

1. What is the primary focus of the event, and what is the secondary focus? For example, a primary wedding focus is a couple, and the secondary focus might be the bridal colors. So the most important thing is the bridal couple, you might have an animation of the bridal couple. Another possible event could be Mark’s Football Bar Mitzvah. The reason for the party is the Bar Mitzvah, but the primary focus is his theme.

2. Your guests approach the photobooth are they greeted by a large backdrop such as a step and repeat sign where is said, Mark’s Football Bar Mitzvah, or a large picture of the bride and groom. They would also see the mirror where a customized animation was created just for them. When it comes to celebrating a wedding, this can be an animation of the bride and groom. Or if you are talking about prom, it is an animation of the theme. If you choose a red carpet experience, why not have a red carpet animation instructing them to touch the screen to begin.

3. What are you taking away from experience? Whether it is the printing the name of the event and date on the folder. Or you can have a customized photo holder with the name and date printed on it. Perhaps it a photo strip that into a magnetic film strip. Some couples love to glue pictures into a photo booth with a message included. Your imagination is your limit.

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