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The Perfect Single Shot!

I do not know about you, but I use to love the traditional photo booth shot.  Where you could take three different pictures, each time you would change the props or the poses.  Then after you sign the phots, you would see all three shots.  When it came to a single shot or portrait, I must admit I felt a little disappointed.  I want just more than one picture.

As I began to have a more large group, the speed at youth events speed became essential.   We served at St. John XXIII, Father-Daughter dance for the past three years.  This year we had more than 300 people to get through the photobooth in two hours.  For the dads coming without a picture was not an option, so we had to ensure everyone made it through the line.


We at Green Screen Photo Booth AZ want to customize the experience for you.  Having a photo that looks like everyone else is not an option.

For our Prom 2020 creation, we created an oval mirror frame.  We added the Gold text, which was designed in photoshop and added the title “A Moment to Remember.” We loved how it turned out.  We can use a traditional backdrop or we add a Green Screen.  Keep in mind that we store our pictures in photoshop, so we change any text or colors you want.

Please contact us, and we would love to design something for us.


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