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The Photo Booth

The Green Screen Photo Booth’s purpose is to create a fun and customized experience for you and your guests.  We want to have your guests amazing when they leave our booth.


We began at a DJ company that added a green screen photo booth to serve our guests.  We had a great time.  We loved customizing the event and creating amazing moments.   We believe in creating that amazing experience.  One tool we use an additional green screen.  The guests can place where they want any thin to disappear.  One guest wrapped the fabric around his head at one event, and his friends wrapped it around her body, so just her head was showing.



When the computer removed the green from the picture, it removed the young woman’s body and the young man’s head.  We put a fun background and created a great picture.

The Mirror Photo Booth and Green Screen.

We now have a Mirror Photo Booth, to which we can add a green screen photo booth.  The mirror has a green screen filter, so you create all the fun shots and have an amazing mirror effect.