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The Riot Hospitality Group – Holiday Party

It was a joy to bring out the Mirror Me Photo Booth to the Riot Hospitality Group’s Holiday Celebration.   It was a fantastic celebration! The celebration took place at the W Hotel, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The festival was magnificent; it took place on the Famous Wet Deck, located on the second floor of the W Scottdale; it is perched dramatically above the hotel entrance with four large portholes on the bottom, allowing sneaky, cheeky peek-a-boos from below.

We strive always to match the Mirror with the theme of the party.   Our goal is to customize the Mirror experience around the guest’s theme.  Since it was a holiday celebration, we used Christmas Animations, but we always wanted to create welcome animations based upon the event’s theme.   The theme for the event was an all-white/ snow theme.  We proposed that we create an animation where the welcome screen snowed.  The client loved the idea?

Welcome Animation


In addition, we created a customize overlay where we would three photos places.  We branded the photos with the Riot Hospitality logo and the title of Happy Holidays 2021.  We gave the client three design options.  When they asked if we could allow the guests to choose between the three different backgrounds, of course, we said yes.

The guests had a lot of fun with our props, some of which were Christmas-themed, and some were just pure fun.  The Viking helmet never goes out of style. The guest had a great time, and it was a blast to serve as the entertainment for the night.


After the guest visited the table, they approached the Mirror.  We always use a Red Carpet and Sanctions to guide the guests where to stand.  The place the actions so when the guests stand between the two sanctions, they will always be in the shot.  When the guests walked up to the Mirror,  the snowing customized animation great them.   After the Mirror began the process, the following animation was a random of our different holiday animation. Then the led ring illuminated the camera, so the guests knew where to look.  After each picture, the Mirror would compliment them.  We create an option of random animations, so the experience is unique for each guest.  After the Mirror had taken the three pictures, the Mirror placed the images in the overlay/background.  Then, the guests could choose from three different backgrounds by swiping.  Finally, when the guests were excited about their picture, they selected the green checkmark. The guests could sign their photos.  The guests used their fingers to sign their names on the Mirror and could choose from a menu of emojis.   The guests then could text their beautiful creations to their cell phones to have a digital copy of their photos.  The option of texting the image to their phones allowed the guest to post it on their favorite social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.  Finally, we printed out their pictures for them.   The guests loved the final product.


If you have questions on how we can customize the Mirror for your celebration, please get in touch with us at


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