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The Social Booth – We now come to you!

The photobooth for your cocktail hour.Ipad Booth

When you plan your wedding, Quinceanera, Mitzvah, or any social event, the challenge with the photo booth is the location. Too many times, the guests need to come to your booth to take your picture. I remember I had a photobooth for one Mitzvah, which was to take place at the Grayhawk Country Club in Scottsdale. It is a great location and a beautiful venue. We were bringing out the Mirror Me Photobooth, and the client asked about using it during cocktail hour. The problem is that the booth is 100lb+ and it requires power. So once we set up the booth in location, and it does not move. Therefore we had to station it inside, and we had to miss the pictures from the cocktail hour.

We now have a solution for your cocktail challenge. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. We now have a social booth for your event. It is a compact booth. Your guests come up to the booth, take their pictures, and it texts them to your phone. You can even email them or airdrop them to your phone. The cool thing with the Social Booth is that if you are at a location such as the Grayhawk country club, you can detach the head, put a new backing on the head, and take the booth with wherever you want to go. When you approach a guest, they touch the mobile photo booth to start. It traditionally takes three pictures, which appear as strips. You also have the option of the 4×6. The photos are then text, emailed, or airdropped to your guest’s phone. The booth can also create a gif, Where the booth will take 3 -4 pictures, put them in a video loop and complete the gif. These are significant effects to post on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter.

After the cocktail hour, you can bring the booth back to your mail location and reattach it to the base. Usually, this is where you will have a backdrop. At the base location, the pilar has led lights, which are controlled via an app. So the booth color can match your decor. Finally, we do have the option of adding a printer to the base unit. The printer can print out the 3×6 prints, or it can print out photo booth strips. Please email us at and ask how we can customize the Social Booth for you.


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