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The Social Booth

Ipad Booth

The social booth is one of our new services for your guests. It is a compact Photo Booth, which allows for excellent mobility. The welcome screen is customized, and when the guests approach the photo booth, they choose a photo booth strip, a video animation, A Gif Animation, or a SloMo Video. The photo booth strip is customized for our guests and branded for your event. The next option is a video animation. It is where the booth records a short 3-second video and loops it to create a fun energy. One of our clients’ favorites is the Gif Animation is where the booth takes four pictures and then loops them. Finally, the kiosk can record a video, then play forward and backward at a slow speed.


The social booth shared the media by texting, QR Code, email, or airdrop. After previewing the media, the guests choose which method they want to use to get their pictures. The guests are then able to share their photographs or videos access their favorite social media platform.


A great feature is the led light which is built into the podium of the photobooth. Through Bluetooth technology, we and edit and manipulate the LED light. We can set it to a contact color or create it, so there is a strobe effect.

Social Booth

Madi is walking around with the Photo Booth.

While we love the setup, one of our favorite features is the detachable head. The host can remove the charge of the photo booth and, with battery power, walk around the room taking pictures. TheThe guests choose what type of picture, and they can text the photos right to them.

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