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Tips for Setting up your photo Booth

When you are planning an event, it is essential to place your vendors in the correct location. The challenge is where to put the vendors, so everyone has a great time. Plus, it’s important to remember that space and the environment can affect your guest’s experience. When choosing a photo booth, there are a couple of issues to consider.  While it might look amazing outside after the Sunday goes down, setup can be a challenge.

Outside Issues:

The first question is about location and where do you put the photobooth. The challenge is some booths work better in specific areas. There are both benefits and challenges for inside and outside.  If you are choosing a Mirror Me Booth, sunlight will be an important issue to deal with.  It is also important to remember that larger photo booths are more difficult to move and might require a fee if you choose a difficult location to navigate.  For example, you want the mirror to move across rocks.

Sunlight/ Sunset.

Most video displays are difficult, so it important to know when sunset will take place. Click here to find Sunset time because all those cool animations can not be seen until the sun goes down. The social booth is more forgiving in the sun, but the Mirror Booth uses an LED screen that does not like direct sunlight. While it physically can take a picture, your ability to see the screen is significantly difficult. In addition, without being able to see the TV, the operator will have a difficult time setting up, which might delay the start up time. So you need to be aware of when sunset is taking place. The only exception to the rule is some venues have some great covering, which blocks out some of the sunlight.  The Windgate in Scottsdale, While the outside area has significant covering, it diminishes sunlight. While it’s not perfect, it significantly helps.


When outside, you can feel the effects of the wind. The backdrops might not stand up if there is too much wind, or your booth might blow away. Some stalls are heavy, so the only thing you need to worry about is the backdrop.  Typically the sun does diminish when the sun goes down.


Where ever you located your booth, you are going to need to ensure you have enough space.  You will need space for the physical booth, the Backdrop, the prop table if there is one, and space for your guests to stand in the pictures.

Regarding the Backdrop, it’s important to ensure the backdrop won’t hit the ceiling with lower ceilings.  I usually recommend a ten-cube area. Ten feet wide, 10 feet long, and 10 feet tall. This usually covers everything.



Most photo booths will not work without power.  Some can run on batteries, but it is important to ensure the photo booth is plugged into its own circuit. Usually, the standards 15 Amps or 20 amps are enough.  But if there are some additional effects, such as Cold Spark Machines, you may require additional circuits.


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