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Types of Photo Booths – Which Style is Right for You?

The first thing anyone who had attended a party last night does in the morning is browse through the party’s pictures and smiles. Looking at your friends & family and thinking about all the good memories you had just made a few hours ago feels refreshing. Photo Booth is the most innovative way to take memorable pictures at parties and events. There exist many types of photo Booths, and this article explains them all.

Types of Photo Booths

Let’s look at five different types of photo booths one by one!

1- Open-Air Photo Booths

The open-Air is one of the most popular and liked types of photo booths. It involves a booth-less photo station. Everything about this one is the background and props. The background can be a curtain, a wall, or anything as per the party’s theme. If the event is in the daytime, the natural light can wonder for the pictures.

2- Slow-Motion Video Photo Booth

Slow-Motion video photo booth is so much fun that your guests’ cheeks will get sore due to laughing. This booth captures short clips in slow motion effect. It is the best way to capture moments in their real essence. The output videos are always fun. If you plan on a bachelor’s party, this photo booth would be perfect.

3- Classic Photo Booth

It comes under those types of photo booths perfect for traditional events such as a cocktail party. This booth will be an ideal gift for your guests as they will be taking home a decent photo strip. People of all ages can come and take pictures in the photo booth. It is ideal for events where you have invited a limited number of people.

4- 360-Degree Photo Booth

The 360-Degree photo booth is the latest addition to the types of photo booths. It will offer a unique and innovative experience to your guests as they will be able to see themselves from all sides. It is a fantastic way to freeze moments and see them from all angles. It can be a multi-camera booth where all cameras capture pictures together. The results are always fun and intimate.

5- Camper Photo Booth

Who would mind an aesthetic camper at their big event? No boho-themed event is complete without a camper photo booth. This booth can bring the perfect finish to your important events. The guests will have the time of their lives while posing in front of a vintage camper. These types of photo booths are more appropriate for daytime events than for nighttime parties.

6- Old-School Photo Booth

The Classic Old-School photo booth makes guests feel all cozy in it. Usually, its whole idea revolves around guests making different funny faces and then leaving with printout proofs of their shenanigans. Packing so many guests into the photo booth at once can not be crazy. The shots are meant to turn out to be memorable.

Final Words for Types of Photo Booths

Now that you know how much fun a simple photo booth can bring to your events and which one is the best for your event, you must be looking for the best photo booth rental companies. Green Screen Photo Booth, AZ, must be your way to go. They can turn a simple event into a What a Day kind of an event!

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