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Upgrade your party with Video

The video is a am an amazing tool to upgrade your next party.  Video montages of the guest of honor are a lot of fun, but there is some much more you can with video.  These range from using video create new effects to showcasing amazing action shots.

Video Animations The challenge is that most of the music videos you do not want to show at a family or youth event.  But how can you still use video to create some amazing effects, the answer is video animations.  They are fun animations that just loops.  It create a great effect and allows you to not play the risky music videos. It is also possible to rotate between different animations.  The animations  go great with club lighting and blacklights.


Action Shots:  Everyone loves to see their picture on a large screen, so place great pictures on the screen.  The idea comes from Scott Faver ( who is a great mobile DJ who goes around the room taking pictures and then displays them on his large video screen.

Do you have a photo booth?  Why not create a slide show the photo booth pictures, and project them upon a large screen or a flat screen that is set up near the station.   Your guests will love all the different pictures, and it will encourage them to go try out your photo booth.