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You are designing your perfect picture for your Photo Booth

Photobooths are a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember that the final product or the printout is the goal. So how do you imagine your final printout?  Key components to remember.


When planning your photo booth, it is vital to have some direction.  If you have a favorite color or a theme, that can be very helpful.  Some pieces become the dominant factor, Such as an 80’s Party. The photos need to reflect the party’s energy, especially when everyone is dressed up!  After your event, what do you want your guests to remember about the experience.  A photo booth is both entertainment and captures the moment of the night.


Designing your photo:

The physical space of the pictures is limited.  So you need to decide if you want to go with the traditional 4 x6 or photo booth strips.  Always ensure your company is working with a professional printer. Dye Sublimation printers are the industry standard.  Most photo booths will give you the option of a 4×6 printout or photo booth strip, which is 2×6.  The printer, in reality, is printing out a 4×6 and cutting it in half, which gives you the 2×6.  With the 2×6, there are usually 3 -4 photos which result in limited space.   The strips are move narrow, but they are a lot of fun. The 4×6 will provide you with more room and for design.  It is also essential to decide how many shots you want to be placed on the photo.  Traditionally, three images are standard, but they can be as many as you want.

Branding your pictures

When designing your image, keep in mind your favorite logo or color.  Have the photo booth company place your logo, date, or important information on the photo.  Remember to Brand your images with your log and have the event’s name and date printed on the pictures. Remember proof before the event and approve the design, this way, there are no surprises the day of.   If you had a customized welcome animation, make sure the photo printout matches the Welcome Screen.


Backdrop Options.

There are three options when it comes to a backdrop:

  1. Natureal backdrop where no background is needed, but instead, you like the location’s natural beauty. Remember to ensure no one lines up behind the photos, and you do not want anyone to end up in your photos accidentally.
  2. Traditional Back Drop: Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold are popular backdrops. It ensures that people are not accidentally photobombing your pictures. More importantly, it creates a beautiful image.  If you have a unique design, they can be purchased and hung from a frame.
  3. Green Screen Back Drop is a Green Screen. It does require more light.  The computer digitally removed the green backdrop and replaced it with your customized image. A Fun effect is to bring an extra green cloth that you wrap around a body part; the green screen’s area becomes invisible.

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