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Your Guests will love the customized phot booth experience.

You will love the animations! When you approach the photo booth and the booth greats you with a customized animation that matches the theme of your event, you will fall in love with our photobooth. It is an excellent way for you to transform a pleasant photo booth experience into an amazing one.

There are many different options when choosing your animation. Sometimes an elegant animation works best. We were serving at the Father-Daughter Dance for St. John XXIII Catholic School in Scottsdale. They wanted something grand. So their animation was a single rose blooming.  St John XXIII Father/ Daughter dance is one of their most popular events.  Traditionally, the dads will take their daughters out for a nice dinner and then take dancing.  The girls love to get dressed up, and the parent group does a great job transforming the Gym into an elegant dance experience.  Therefore, when we come out with the Red Carpel and Sanctions, it gives it a nice touch. It was a hit.


You might also have a design you already love. One Guest had a logo that the groom designed. The logo was to be placed on the photos, but we took it an extra step. So, we took the design and created it into an animation. The young married couple loved it, and their guests were amazed.

Sometimes you might need a little more help with the animation. One Guest just wanted her daughter’s first name created into a logo and then from there, have the logo animated. We made the logo for her, and they used a floral background to create a fantastic effect.


Perhaps for you that you are planning that unforgettable day, such as a graduation or #quinceanera. You want a remarkable animation with the picture of the Guest of honor. Olivia had her graduation celebration, and she had great senior portraits. So we took the mom’s favorite photo and made it into an animation. It turned out great.



Every year the girls from the Spiritline of Horizon High School, which is made up of both the Pom team and the Cheerleaders, celebrate at Aunt Chiladas Squaw Peak.  It is an excellent time for them to celebrate.  This year we wanted to have a Gold feel for the photobooth.  So we created a simple Gold balloon animation with the same and date.  I do love the Gold sparking effect.


The welcome screen should be more than just a touch here to start. Minimally the welcome screen should always tag it with the guests of honor or the company name. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or ‪(602) 492-5283‬.


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