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Social Booth – Photos, GIFS, & Slomo Videos

The New Social Booth

Ipad Booth


The New Social Booth is amazing.  It is Ipad powered, verse the DSLR Camera.  With the change in culture and the popularity of the Smart Phone, there are some phones booths that the main way to share pictures is through texting, email, QR codes, or AirDrop.  While is possible to add a printer, it is not primary.


The Social Booth Welcome Screen



When your guests approach the Social Booth they will be treated by the customized welcome screen.  Let us the reason for your party or the theme of your event and we will work to match it.  Your guests are invited to choose to take a picture, create a GIF, create a slow-motion video.  In addition, there is an option to add virtual props (This can be turned on or off, depending on the clients’ desires)

You then can choose to text your experience to your cell phone, email it your home email or create a QR Code so you download it.  Apple users are also able to Airdrop the event.  All experiences are stored in the Gallary.


In addition, the head of the photo booth can be removed, so an attendant can visit guests and ask them if they want to take a picture right there.   So, now the booth can come to your guests.

Social Booth

Madi is walking around with the Photo Booth.